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I Meet J Mays... famed car designer. #Ford #VW #Beetle #TheKaneko #Omaha #JMays #Audi

I Meet J Mays... famed car designer. #Ford #VW #Beetle #TheKaneko #Omaha #JMays #Audi

For an country boy from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, J Mays has come a long ways. Before retiring from Ford Motor Company as their Chief Creative Officer and Group Vice President of Global Design in 2013, Mays has had a long and often illustrious design career working on some of the most iconic car designs to date, including the remake of the Volkswagen Beetle, though he admitted to the audience that his Ford 500 wasn't one of his more stellar moments. Mays was in another midwestern town, Omaha, Nebraska, as part of The Kaneko's "Great Minds Series" . Talking for about half an hour, he shared some of his early sketches as an aspiring 9-year-old designer. Even back then, he signed his illustrations simply 'J Mays.' Over the years, which include design stints at Audi, VW, BMW, and Ford, he came to realize that people buy cars, not for pragmatic, well-reasoned rationales, but out ...

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Car pics of the day - 67 @VW Beetle ^WG

Car pics of the day - 67 @VW Beetle ^WG

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Great question #ImGrown #YesImPetty https://t.co/ECGGur8ZGW

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