29 Nov '14, 4pm

I have a new project car, 2013 Dodge Dart, and I've been messing with that since purchase:

I had a fun time eco modding my Nissan Versa, gained about 5.5% over factory numbers, but now that she's dead (car accident in December) I've upgraded to a Dart. However, the "low hanging fruit" has already been plucked by the Dart's designers, thus I'm scratching my head as to where to go with it. I always balance my mods as time spent vs cost vs potential gain and my only ideas are venturing into the "expensive" categories. I'm so desperate to do something that I executed one of the most pointless mods ever; I created a lower partial grill blocker the other day even though I have active grill shutters, just to feel like I've done something (I justified it this way; the grill shutters close at somewhere around 50 mph, or so I understand, thus my grill blockers are for the speed regime up to 50 mph). I'm curious if there are any Dart owners out there that have done anything?

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