25 Mar '14, 3pm

Solar-Powered Silent Falcon UAV Moves to Production #solar #green

The patent-pending Silent Falcon ™ is a solar/electric, all composite, modular small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) with an interchangeable wing configuration designed for commercial, public safety and defense applications. In 2010 Bye Aerospace created what is now SFUAS, capitalizing the company with a prototype electric unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and initial design work on solar electric hybrid propulsion. The combination of efficient aerodynamic design, lightweight composite construction and advanced solar energy collection gives 25 lb. Silent Falcon™ UAS a remarkable 6 to 12 hour flight endurance.

Full article: http://www.evworld.com/news.cfm?newsid=32683


Apple pushing automated production

Apple pushing automated production

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