29 Oct '17, 3pm

#VCU “super-LRAP” solid electrolyte performance comparable to liquid electrolytes for #solidstate LIBs https://t.co/f7jYzahDsv

… development of the all-solid-state batteries is limited by the relatively low conductivity of the solid electrolyte materials. Most families of the superionic conductors have an activation energy in the range of 0.3–0.6 eV and exhibit ionic conductivities of the order of 10−4 –10−3 S/cm at room temperature (RT). However, a typical organic liquid electrolyte or a gel electrolyte in practical batteries has an RT conductivity around 10−2 S/cm. Attaining an Li+ conductivity over 10−3 S/cm in the solid state is particularly challenging, and it is highly desirable to develop superionic conductors that exhibit 3D RT Li+ conductivities over 10−2 S/cm and activation energies smaller than 0.25 eV. Very few lithium solid electrolytes can reach an RT conductivity of 10

Full article: http://www.greencarcongress.com/2017/10/20171029-vcu.html