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Sustrans is the pioneer of the 'Safe Routes' concept in the UK. Features include FAQs, safe routes listing, volunteer opportunities and resources.


  • Designing good places to cycle is more than implementing standard solutions. Read more:

    More complex than standard solutions 04 Feb '16, 2pm

    On my daily commute into the office I often dream about how good it would be if my experience were like that of someone in say, Copenhagen, and how this might be achieved. There is a whole host of factors that need to be addressed if we are going to see levels of cycling in the UK com...

  • Very excited about the walking benefits from these strategic community links projects

    Grants for community infrastructure 04 Feb '16, 10am

    Sustrans Scotland delivers important infrastructure programmes that deliver our commitment to meeting the vision of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS) of 10% of trips by bike by 2020. These programmes help to restore balance in our streets in favour of pedestrians and people ...

  • Missed yesterday's Westminster debate on #funding4cycling? Take a look at our round up:

    MPs debate cycling funding 04 Feb '16, 5pm

    In Parliament yesterday MPs debated the Government’s investment in cycling. 24 hours prior to the debate the public were asked to share their views on twitter by using #funding4cycling . Conservative MP Chris Green requested the topic and opened the debate by arguing that there was a ...

  • What characterises places that support health, wellbeing & social cohesion? Read more:

    7 ways to integrate health and place 04 Feb '16, 8am

    We all want to live in great places. We also know that limitations to places becoming really great to live in come from many quarters. A lack of integration of planning for movement with planning for health has been a major hindrance - but new initiatives are afoot that are seeking to...

  • Want to promote cycling to work with your colleagues in 2016? Start here:

    Promote cycling to work with workplace posters 25 Jan '16, 8am

    Share, download and print our posters to encourage your colleagues to cycle to work and show that your workplace supports cycling. Download "Let's make cycling to work the norm" PDF Download "Wish you could cycle to work?" PDF Download "Dreaming of a two-wheeled commute?" PDF Get invo...

  • Demand for investment in cycling comes from all parts of society 24 Jan '16, 12pm

    One of the most widely reported findings from the Bike Life study is that three quarters of all adults would like to see more investment in cycling. This result is across all adults, irrespective of whether or not they ride a bike. Bike Life involved Sustrans working with seven UK cit...

  • Challenging? Yes! Rewarding? Yes! Ride the Sea to Sea, the UK's favourite route with us:

    Sea to Sea (C2C) Challenge Ride 16 Jan '16, 10am

    The Sea to Sea (C2C) is the UK's favourite long distance route with a staggering 15,000 people riding it each year. This challenging and rewarding trip will take 15 cyclists along this iconic route over three days, stretching 140 miles from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. Join our Sus...

  • Route maps & guides 01 Jan '16, 11am

    Travel Writing & Other Cycling Books (65) Apply Travel Writing & Other Cycling Books filter Mountain Biking Books (41) Apply Mountain Biking Books filter Children's Books (2) Apply Children's Books filter Bike Maintenance Books (1) Apply Bike Maintenance Books filter

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