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Voluntary initiative that seeks to accelerate the creation and widespread use of advanced technologies to improve the quality, durability, ...


  • Here are 10 ways to make your home greener. What would you recommend? #green #energy #NY

    Top 10 Ways to Make Your Home Green 09 Sep '11, 9pm

    Top 10 Ways to Make Your Home Green Do something good for your family, your pocketbook, and the environment. Make your home a little greener. A few simple changes in your house can go a long way to combat both high energy bills and global warming. To be green, you've got to be efficie...

  • OSB vs. Plywood #DIY #Homeimprovement #Remodeling #woodworking

    OSB vs Plywood 07 Mar '13, 9pm

    You want the highest quality home, right? Of course you do. That's why you're here reading this tip. Because quality is also a concern for us, we want to help you make sure that every part of your home is as good as it can be, including hidden areas behind your walls, floor, and roof....

  • Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing - PATHnet 18 Jan '12, 1am

    Previously the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing, PATH is now an online resource for homeowners and homebuyers, the homebuilding industry and federal agencies. PATH catalogs the best resources on advanced building technologies and practices to emerge from the decade-long...

  • Preventative Home Maintenance Tips 03 Jun '12, 4am

    Tips for a Well-Maintained Home For years PATH has been writing a monthly advice column on home maintenance. From high energy bills to landscaping to air quality tips, we've covered it all. Here you'll find some of the highlights that will help you keep your home healthy for years to ...

  • Research Activities 28 Apr '12, 2pm

    PATH conducts research on housing technology innovation with public and private partners. Industry and Market Research Looking at all of the homebuilding industry's innovation potential, PATH has begun asking some fundamental questions about who innovates and how they do it. We actual...

  • Technology Scanning 21 Jun '12, 11pm

    Technology scanning is one of PATH's major research support services. Technology scanning identifies technology developments in other industries, from other nations, from federal laboratories, and from other building sectors. PATH looks for breakthroughs in other industries that could...

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