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  • How a 20-year-long lawsuit to clean up the rainforest made everyone look dirty via @OnEarthMag

    Soiled Justice 07 Oct '14, 3am

    It's a tremendous shame that NRDC has been fooled by Barrett into promoting his book. This is not an independent researched book explaining the Chevron in Ecuador case, it's a pro-Chevron one-sided dump of their legal filings written to give the impression that Barrett actually resear...

  • Craft brewers unite to save beer's most important ingredient: water. #protectcleanwater

    Tastes Great, Less Drilling 06 Oct '14, 10pm

    Once you start worrying about the subtleties, though—the little things that make a good beer great—you have to start thinking a lot about water. Want to brew a true India Pale Ale? Better have a huge amount of calcium sulfate in the water to get the characteristic hoppy bite. Love a s...

  • The Bees' Needs

    The Bees' Needs 27 May '14, 4pm

    Jennifer Sass Senior scientist in the health and environment program, based in Washington, D.C. Do scientists understand yet what’s causing colony collapse disorder among honeybees? We still don’t know the reason for the dramatic die-off, but we do know that pesticides have been ident...

  • #Climate change represents an even larger and more intractable problem than the 2008 financial crisis

    Put Your Money Where Your Earth Is 06 Jul '14, 1pm

    Put Your Money Where Your Earth Is Could financial markets play a role in curbing climate change? Two former U.S. Treasury secretaries seem to think so. by Amy Yee @amyyeewrites • June 27, 2014 If the sight of another river overflowing onto Main Street or news of another Little League...

  • The honeymoon’s over: climate change is coming for the Hawaiian Islands via @OnEarthMag

    Hawaii: Climate Wipeout 26 Jul '14, 7pm

    A new video series that depicts Americans living on the front lines of climate change zooms in on one of our favorite vacation spots. by Rocky Kistner @rockyatnrdc • July 16, 2014 The sea-level rise that comes along with climate change won’t only swallow far-flung, exotic islands such...

  • 5 protips from #Patagonia's big environmental victory

    Viva Patagonia! 11 Jun '14, 6pm

    The landscape of southern Patagonia is unforgettable. The Baker is an overpowering torrent of transparent turquoise water; its valley is lined with snowpeaks and dense, primeval forests. It’s one of those unique places that it would be a crime to despoil for any reason. I went there f...

  • How one woman told #fracking to get out of town Goldman Environmental Prize

    Hometown Heroine 29 Apr '14, 8pm

    How one woman told fracking to get out of town (all over upstate New York). by Mary X. Dennis @maryxdennis • April 29, 2014 When Helen Slottje was a high-powered corporate attorney in Boston in the 1990s, she never thought of herself as an environmental crusader. But within a decade s...

  • From Factory Farm to Grass-Fed Moneymaker 04 Jul '14, 4pm

    From Factory Farm to Grass-Fed Moneymaker A Georgia farmer shifts away from a monoculture of cattle and sees profits soar with his newly holistic ways. by Will Harris • May 14, 2014 In 1866, when my great-grandfather began running our farm in Southwest Georgia, he butchered one cow, a...

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