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  • Gentle bear rescues drowning crow

    Gentle bear rescues drowning crow 01 Aug '14, 5pm

    So let's just say you are a hungry, bored bear chilling out in your zoo enclosure and waiting to see what the day will bring, when all of a sudden, a crow wanders into your habitat and gets stuck in the water. That would mean crow for lunch, right? Well, not for this bear. And not for...

  • 6 unexpected products made from hemp

    6 unexpected products made from hemp 30 Jul '14, 5pm

    Once upon a time, hemp was one of America’s most vital cash crops, a hardy, low-maintenance and incredibly versatile plant, the fiber of which was used to produce everything from rope to paper. Heck, even George Washington — and a smattering of other early United States presidents inc...

  • 11 things humans do that dogs hate

    11 things humans do that dogs hate 25 Jul '14, 5pm

    While you might love wrapping your arms around a furry canine friend, most dogs hate hugs. We as primates think hugs are awesome and express support, love, joy and other emotions through hugs. It’s totally normal to us to wrap our arms around something and squeeze, and it only means g...

  • 11 photos that prove tigers have a softer side

    11 photos that prove tigers have a softer side 29 Jul '14, 1pm

    While tigers are typically known for their striking stripes, massive size, barbed tongues , razor sharp teeth and predatory instinct, it's also important to recognize how cute and lovable they can be. Here are just a few photos demonstrating the gentle side of these beautiful creatures.

  • Webcam catches baby sea turtles hatching 28 Jul '14, 2pm

    A live-streaming webcam on a Florida Keys beach captured the hatching of about 100 baby loggerhead sea turtles on July 25. Light from the camera allowed filming in the night as the 3-inch babies crawled from their nest and headed to the Atlantic Ocean. The camera uses infrared lightin...

  • 'Everlasting storm' has 1 million lightning strikes a year

    'Everlasting storm' has 1 million lightning strikes a year 23 Jul '14, 7pm

    Not everyone agrees the gift is in trouble, though. University of Zulia researcher Angel Muñoz told Slate in 2011 "we have no scientific evidence the Catatumbo lightning is disappearing," and added it might be intensifying due to extra methane from oil drilling at Lake Maracaibo. Eith...

  • Everything you need to know about cast iron cookware via @MotherNatureNet

    Everything you need to know about cast iron cookware 26 Jul '14, 6pm

    Diehards advocate never cleaning your cast iron cookware with anything more than a paper towel , perhaps lightly oiled. Some will relent enough to agree that rinsing with plain water probably won't hurt. But sometimes even the best cook manages to make a horrendous mess...burnt, stick...

  • Europe is going car-free (and loving it)

    Europe is going car-free (and loving it) 23 Jul '14, 12pm

    DUBLIN, IRELAND — If you’re a car nut, don’t even think of living in the German town of Vauban: four-wheeled transport is banned . In this suburb of college town Freiburg, “Instead of the roar of traffic, the residents listen to birdsong, children playing and the occasional jingle of ...

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