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  • Moose in Trouble

    loe.org 05 Mar '17, 12am

    PEKINS: You can hope the weather changes. [LAUGHS.] Some people, I think, have strong beliefs that climate change is not real, and so the argument for that would be that, by having as many animals left on the landscape, that that larger population would be there to respond when winter...

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    This Week's Show

    loe.org 05 Mar '17, 2pm

    BECKER: The process that they're objecting to is a side agreement to the main agreement that they signed in 2012. The auto companies insisted on a reopener provision, a midterm review to reevaluate whether the standards were properly set in 2012. The government just finished that reev...

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    Catholic Call Against Corruption

    loe.org 18 Feb '17, 3pm

    CANTÚ: One of the places that I went to visit was the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Congo is a very naturally rich country. And one of the issues, among many, is corruption in the local government at all levels. The difficulty there is that with these extractives, whether it's...

  • Granny the Whale

    loe.org 14 Jan '17, 11am

    BALCOMB: Well, I first saw Granny in 1976 on April 16. The pod was spread out coming into Puget Sound through Admiralty Inlet. I had previously seen K and L pods out in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and I called up Dr. Bigg and excitedly told him, "Hey, we found a new group of whales." ...

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  • Beyond The Headlines

    loe.org 05 Mar '17, 1pm

    DKYSTRA: Yeah, but there’s something else Mr. Miller wants to do to end America as we know it for a couple of million four-legged residents. There are up to 2.5 million feral hogs, in Texas, some over 400 pounds, and they’re making a mess of crop and pasture land, rooting up huge hole...

  • A Coal Miner’s Take on Stream Protection, via @livingonearth https://t.co/GSBMDKdZVo

    A Coal Miner’s Take on Stream Protection

    loe.org 20 Feb '17, 2pm

    BENTLEY: I may not have the most popular perspective amongst people in those communities, but it's not that they're not concerned with the protection of their environment. You're talking to a group of people in a region that have never been offered an alternative to this industry. The...

  • On PRI’s @Livingonearth: DuPont settles major contamination case; China puts N. Korea in coal time-out https://t.co/mRkVJAqfeK

    Beyond the Headlines

    loe.org 26 Feb '17, 1pm

    DYKSTRA: Hi Steve. One of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers just recently settled a massive, sixteen-year-old lawsuit in Federal Court. DuPont manufactured perfluorooctanoic acid -- it’s usually known as PFOA -- at a plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia. PFOA is key to manufac...

  • "America's Climate Denial Madhouse" | I talk w/ @SCurwood on this week's @PRI @LivingOnEarth:

    America’s Climate Denial Madhouse

    loe.org 31 Dec '16, 1am

    MANN: Well, and that's another very important point because that is...that's the number that scientists have sort of settled on as when we enter into the "red zone", that is the worst impacts of climate change. But if you talk to ranchers in Texas or Oklahoma who have suffered through...


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