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  • Beyond The Headlines

    loe.org 15 Jan '17, 2pm

    DYKSTRA: OK. Let me give you one final set of numbers on the Obama Era. In the President’s first year, his party controlled both the House of Representatives and the Senate. That year, the League of Conservation Voters scorecard gave 11 Senators a zero rating for their environmental v...

  • Granny the Whale

    loe.org 14 Jan '17, 11am

    BALCOMB: Well, I first saw Granny in 1976 on April 16. The pod was spread out coming into Puget Sound through Admiralty Inlet. I had previously seen K and L pods out in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and I called up Dr. Bigg and excitedly told him, "Hey, we found a new group of whales." ...

    1. This Week's Show loe.org 14 Jan '17, 7am
  • I'm on NPR's Living on Earth this week discussing our new Science Advances paper. Listen here:

    This Week's Show

    loe.org 14 Jan '17, 7am

    HAUSFATHER: So, part of the problem is that climate change in general has become a political hot button issue, and, unfortunately, it means that the way that the people interpret the science is shaped by their preconceptions and by what they think may be the implications of that scien...

  • Living on Earth: Pioneering #Women in #Science #books #innovation

    Pioneering Women in Science

    loe.org 07 Jan '17, 7pm

    IGNOTOFSKY: Well, for me, I have a lot of friends in education, and we were talking a lot about the gender gap in the STEM fields. Why is math and science still considered such a boys’ game? And I just kept saying over and over again, we maybe only talk about female scientists during ...

  • "America's Climate Denial Madhouse" | I talk w/ @SCurwood on this week's @PRI @LivingOnEarth:

    America’s Climate Denial Madhouse

    loe.org 31 Dec '16, 1am

    MANN: Well, and that's another very important point because that is...that's the number that scientists have sort of settled on as when we enter into the "red zone", that is the worst impacts of climate change. But if you talk to ranchers in Texas or Oklahoma who have suffered through...

  • From @LivingonEarth: Blackfeet tribe regains sacred land as oil & gas leases cancelled by US.

    Blackfeet Tribe Regains Sacred Land

    loe.org 26 Nov '16, 1pm

    CURWOOD: From the Jennifer and Ted Stanley Studios at the University of Massachusetts Boston and PRI, this is Living on Earth. I’m Steve Curwood. As the Standing Rock Sioux continue to protest the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in a watershed they consider sacred, another ...

  • Beyond the Headlines

    loe.org 27 Nov '16, 2pm

    DYKSTRA: Nonprofit environmental groups reported a surge in new members and donations and volunteers. The Sierra Club said it got as many new supporters in the week following the election as they’ve gotten in all of the rest of 2016 so far. The Environmental Defense Fund said its Elec...

  • Living on Earth: Jellyfish Are Taking Over!

    Jellyfish Are Taking Over!

    loe.org 04 Dec '16, 12pm

    GERSHWIN: No, they do. That's what is so interesting. They do make fossils. They don't leave big meaty fossils like dinosaur legs. It's more like a footprint, and the fossils they leave do tell us quite bit about what they looked like, and the amazing thing is they look and act just l...


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