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  • Living on Earth: Linking Fracking and Radon

    Linking Fracking and Radon

    loe.org 04 Aug '18, 12pm

    CURWOOD: It's Living on Earth, I'm Steve Curwood. You can’t see it, or smell it, but radon is the second biggest cause of lung cancer in the U.S, after smoking. This radioactive element is a gas at room temperature, and it can be locked in rock formations. And when wells are drilled f...

  • Living on Earth: FEMA Unprepared To Help Puerto Rico

    FEMA Unprepared To Help Puerto Rico

    loe.org 22 Jul '18, 12pm

    MOYER: Well, I do think in FEMA’s defense, there was a confluence of a number of disasters, so I think no matter who was in charge of this response it would have been difficult. Having said that, I think Puerto Rico, which has this very confusing state… it's not a state, they can't vo...

  • From @livingonearth: Central America's climate refugees.

    Central America’s Climate Refugees

    loe.org 01 Jul '18, 12pm

    MILLER: Well, I mean there's the scientists that I discussed with Central America who said that the droughts are occurring with more frequency. He called Central America -- he said this is the ground zero for climate change in the Americas, and he said it's not only the drought situat...

  • This week on @livingonearth: @pdykstra & @scurwood talk tree-sitters and beaver-imitators.

    Beyond The Headlines

    loe.org 03 Jun '18, 12pm

    Peter Dykstra and Steve Curwood take a look beyond the headlines at a tree-sitting Appalachian pipeline protest, and discuss Forest Service workers who are taking construction lessons from beavers. From the history books, Steve and Peter review the convictions of Union Carbide executi...

  • On PRI's @livingonearth, @pdykstra & @scurwood on increasing US oil production.

    Beyond the Headlines

    loe.org 13 May '18, 12pm

    This week, Peter Dykstra shares with host Steve Curwood his insights on a Department of Energy report that shows the US is now the globe’s biggest oil producer, and US transportation emits more greenhouse gases than electricity generation. The pair also discuss how mercury from coal-f...

  • Witnesses Wait

    loe.org 19 Apr '18, 4pm

    Cane farmers bought the insecticides and by the 1960's, plantations, exterminators, and even the federal government turned to Thompson Hayward for chemicals such as DDT, Aldrin, and the one locals called "leaf drop" - Agent Orange. But in the late 1980’s when Louisiana found the plant...

  • .@pdykstra & @scurwood on PRI's @livingonearth: One more reason to dine at home; Maine Gov's pro-pesticide efforts.

    Beyond the Headlines

    loe.org 08 Apr '18, 1pm

    DYKSTRA: Well this is his third try, either by the governor or by his allies, he wants to have every municipality in Maine stick to the weaker state standard rather than the stronger ones that some communities, including Maine’s biggest city, Portland, have enacted. And also, let’s th...

  • my new interview with Steve Curwood on Living on Earth:

    Ocean Health: Some Hope and Much Peril

    loe.org 12 Mar '18, 12am

    SAFINA: All of our combustion, all the engines that we run, all the forest and farms that we are burning, that sends carbon dioxide up into the air and a lot of it reaches the face of the ocean, the surface of the ocean. At that interface a lot of it dissolves into the water. When it ...


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