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  • Beyond the Headlines

    loe.org 17 May '15, 12pm

    DYKSTRA: Right but here’s an update on the continued collapse of coal stocks. It’s gotten much worse since we talked about this several months ago. In 2011, Arch Coal, one of America’s biggest producers, peaked at about $38 a share. It’s now just below one dollar, officially a penny s...

  • The Guardian Newspaper Climate Campaign

    loe.org 18 Apr '15, 2pm

    RUSBRIDGER: No, they're not, and therefore you look at the levers that are going to change that, and there are two levers. Either some form or governmental regulation or rationing or pricing, and the second is the financial levers of people realizing that this is in a very real sense ...

  • @MichaelEMann explains new research on melting Arctic ice & impacts on ocean circulation.

    Melting Ice Slows Down Ocean Circulation

    loe.org 28 Mar '15, 12am

    MANN: So there is ocean current, we sometimes call it the conveyor belt or the North Atlantic Drift. It's this current that brings warm water from the subtropical regions of the North Atlantic up towards Iceland and the northern latitudes in Europe. Well, we have long suspected that a...

  • My segment on @LivingonEarth this wk, on tainted climate science, and America’s first big forest law.

    Beyond the Headlines

    loe.org 01 Mar '15, 2pm

    DYKSTRA: When corresponding with potential funders, Soon used terms that to me sound a little more appropriate for a used-car lot than for peer-reviewed science. He told an executive for Southern Company - that’s the biggest electric utility here in the Southeast - that he could expec...

  • Fm @Pdykstra @scurwood @livingonearth Chris Christie & Exxon; Monty Python’s bat-cave.

    Beyond the Headlines

    loe.org 08 Mar '15, 1am

    Air Date: Week of March 6, 2015 stream /download this segment as an MP3 file The New Jersey’s Chris Christie office is settling an 11-year-old pollution lawsuit against Exxon Mobil Corp. for a fraction of what it originally sought – just three cents on the dollar. (Photo: Thomas Hawk;...

  • Fingerprinting Frackwater

    loe.org 09 Nov '14, 12pm

    JACKSON: A tracer is a compound that you can use to tell different sources apart. So when I talk about a tracer I'm thinking about something that might be found in different concentrations in different sources. It might be found in one source but not the other at all, or it might have...

  • The Pope and the Sin of Environmental Degradation

    The Pope and the Sin of Environmental Degradation

    loe.org 19 Jul '14, 4am

    PEPPARD: It is a really strong statement. I mean for a Pope to say that deforestation and ecological destruction are the sins of our times is really throwing down a gauntlet. It prompts Christians, especially in the U.S., to think about how we understand sin and how we understand resp...

  • The World's Largest Known Organism In Trouble

    loe.org 09 Nov '14, 3pm

    ROGERS: Well, that's correct, Steve. Right now we have a lot of mature trees; most of the stems are about 130 years old and Aspen typically lives about 100 years, give or take a 50 year period. So at any rate, around that period where we would expect the stems to be dying off, the iss...


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