Friends of the Earth

Information and action on climate change, food, biodiversity.


  • Act now to stop these Trojan Horse Trade Treaties. Friends of the Earth: #StopTTIP and CETA #StopT…

    Act now to stop these Trojan Horse Trade Treaties 16 Nov '14, 10pm

    Act now to stop these Trojan Horse Trade Treaties 29 October 2014 The European Union and United States are currently negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). CETA, a similar agreement with Canada, is close to ratification. These agreements could make it h...

  • Keep Devon's beavers in the wild 13 Nov '14, 10am

    I am writing to show my support for allowing those beavers currently living free on the River Otter in Devon to remain in the wild. Beavers can bring many benefits - they can boost biodiversity, benefit fish stocks and even help prevent flooding. Beavers were once native to the whole ...

  • People power is putting a stop to fracking across Europe and in the UK 08 Nov '14, 11am

    One of the many good things about Friends of the Earth is its local to global ethos, where local action can have impact around the world. I recently had the privilege of taking part in a gathering arranged by Friends of the Earth Europe, with campaigners from across the continent all ...

  • Govt launches Bee Action Plan to save our #bees

    A big step forward for bees. And big thanks to you. 04 Nov '14, 2pm

    A big step forward for bees. And big thanks to you. 04 November 2014 At last, the Government has launched the Bee Action Plan it promised us (calling it the National Pollinator Strategy ). From planting Bee Worlds to signing petitions, thousands of you have already played a vital role...

  • Got an idea to get people eating better? Tell Friends of the Earth & win £500!

    Get Gobby 2014 23 Oct '14, 11am

    Get Gobby is back. We're looking for ideas on how to get people eating low-meat, planet-friendly diets. The best ideas will win £500. And this time it’s not just for students . We're opening the challenge up to community groups. University students – learn more Part of a community gro...

  • much

    Will Shell be forever blowing bubbles? 29 Oct '14, 10am

    Their new campaign has pictures of huge red bubbles near UK landmarks, showing how much carbon dioxide could be captured from the experimental Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project they're involved with in Scotland. The thing that struck me about these bubbles though is they're rea...

  • Six genius ways #uni students are switching to planet-friendly food: #GetGobby

    Six genius ways students are switching to planet-friendly food 20 Oct '14, 1pm

    Young people are more clued up than ever about the impact of our diets on the environment. Indeed, that's why we're offering £500 to the uni students with the best ideas to get people eating sustainable, lower-meat diets . What's the evidence of student zeal for altogether better meal...

  • Nominate a school 09 Sep '14, 8am

    Are you a school looking to enter the competition? Go here > Friends of the Earth is running a competition for primary schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to win free solar panels. Be part of it by nominating a school of your choice to enter. Whether it's your kids' school,...

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