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  • 99 Wolves running headlong into a glass wall! #ArtExhibit

    99 Wolves Run Headlong into a Glass Wall [PICS]

    environmentalgraffiti.com 17 May '13, 3pm

    In this impressive installation, 99 life-sized replicas of wolves run headlong into a glass wall. But what does it all mean? Up for interpretation, it could be a comment on the extinction of species, or perhaps this pack of wolves symbolizes a lack of courage to deviate from the norm....

  • 7 Most Incredible Abandoned Power Plants on Earth

    7 Most Incredible Abandoned Power Plants on Earth

    environmentalgraffiti.com 24 Oct '12, 7pm

    Once, the air was filled with noises – from the shoveling of coal and the hiss of steam, to the voices of teams of men going about their work. Today, there is only silence. Hulking metal machinery silently corrodes, and water, which once bubbled through boilers and cooling equipment, ...

  • From Artist to Führer: The Paintings of Young Adolf Hitler

    From Artist to Nazi Führer: The Paintings of Young Adolf Hitler

    environmentalgraffiti.com 13 Dec '12, 7pm

    Hitler’s obsession with art started at a young age and heightened the tension between him and his father Alois, who wanted young Adolf to pursue what must have seemed like a more practical career at the customs office. A few years after Alois’s sudden death in 1903, Adolf Hitler moved...

  • The Breathtaking Colors of Iceland's Landmannalaugar Region

    The Breathtaking Colors of Iceland's Landmannalaugar Region

    environmentalgraffiti.com 08 Nov '12, 12am

    Next we have another incredible image of Landmannalaugar, once again covered in snow. This shot was taken at the beginning of winter, and the snow is just deep enough to create an ethereal-looking landscape. Interestingly, this region is actually one of the snowiest in Iceland. “The h...

  • Behind the Gates of Chios' Abandoned Leper Colony

    Behind the Gates of Chios's Abandoned Leper Colony

    environmentalgraffiti.com 04 Mar '13, 10pm

    Within two years of arriving on Chios, Nicholas was ordained by Father Anthimos, who was in charge of the colony. Anthimos, who has since been sainted, made many positive changes to the leprosarium, and in the process he created what has been described as being as much a spiritual cen...

  • Dizzying Perspectives from the Top of New York's Skyscrapers

    Dizzying Perspectives from the Top of New York's Skyscrapers

    environmentalgraffiti.com 25 Jul '12, 6pm

    Like a yo-yo, we’ve bounced back up to a great height once again. From up here, we can see a rooftop capped with some greenery (as well as what look like a few patches of vegetation further down). Growing flowers, fruit and vegetables is encouraged in New York City, with an increasing...

  • 30 Creepiest Trees on Earth [pics]

    environmentalgraffiti.com 31 Oct '13, 2pm

    If you are a horror movie buff, you've certainly noticed the liberal use of trees to set the mood. Halloween is hardly complete without the image of a moon-lit and fog-laden tree. However, some trees have been molded by Mother Nature into specters of their own. Scary, frightening, or ...

  • 25 Amazing Facts About the Brain

    environmentalgraffiti.com 10 Apr '13, 12am

    I agree with most of you that we DO NOT use ONLY 10% of our brains' capabilities, however, MY OWN PERCEPTION is that there is a certain percentage of our brain that is currently in use at a certain time in doing a certain SOMETHING. Since the brain is like a CPU of a computer, certain...


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