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  • Bees = humans, in false memory at least.

    Bees = humans, in false memory at least. | Scitech 01 Mar '15, 7pm

    We have related many stories and blog posts on the ecology and the plight of many species of bee. Now we have news from a specialist’s laboratory with incredibly complex research on how, for the first time in a non-human animal, bumblebees’ confusion resembles our own false memories.B...

  • via Anonymiss Legion Mekong is almost a stagnant pond! #furies_bot #anon

    Mekong is almost a stagnant pond! | Politics 22 Feb '15, 6pm

    Could this be the final sunset on the mighty Mekong? In Luang Prabang, they are used to negotiating the wide river for fishing, transport and the rest, but how many dams can be built before the water runs out? Mekong image ; Credit: © Shutterstock What is happening to one of the great...

  • Why do pilot whales and many others strand themselves so often related orca rarely do?

    Pilot whales and New Zealand strandings. | Nature 15 Feb '15, 12pm

    Happier times for Globiocephala melas, as a mother and baby enjoy their open ocean habitat.Pilot whales image ; Credit: © Shutterstock Why do pilot whales and many others strand themselves so often, although the closely related killer whales rarely do? The basic argument among marine ...

  • Gibbon-speak is real language.

    Gibbon-speak is real language. | Nature 11 Jan '15, 7pm

    Hylobates lar is the lar or white-handed gibbon, here bored stiff in a zoo. At least Wisconsin Zoo served as a portal into the life and language of the wild gibbon community. The communication skills needed there are probably less than in the canopy, except for that python in the cage...

  • Mammals that cannot see in the light | Scitech | The Earth Times via @po_st

    Mammals that cannot see in the light | Scitech 27 Dec '14, 11am

    What a poser! These Florideans are all the same, but the 9-banded armadillo is found throughout the 2 American continents. His ancestry seems to confer the monochromatic poor vision that results in a tragic history of traffic accidents. He is regarded as a pest, but also the state mam...

  • Photo of the day - Humpbacks Come Back

    Humpbacks Come Back ! | Conservation 10 Dec '14, 12pm

    Mothers and daughters, we say below. This pic was actually taken in Costa Rica where the waters are a lot warmer than those you would find in the New York Bight. But jump in if you like, although we suspect the camera is more waterproof than you are. Humpback image ; Credit: © Shutter...

  • Support your local orcas.

    Support your local orcas. | Nature 03 Jan '15, 1pm

    A precious baby can just be seen leaping to the left between 2 adults in this older photograph of a Southern pod of orcas from the Puget Sound Orca pod image ; Credit: © Shutterstock The killer whale has many cultures, involving feeding on many different fish and mammalian prey. Each ...

  • Audi, Toyota, Honda and Nissan lead us into the 22nd century car.

    Audi, Toyota, Honda and Nissan lead us into the 22nd century car. | Going Green 23 Nov '14, 8pm

    One of the hydrogen cars now available to a restricted few. The hydrogen/electric hybrid may beat it, or will we just hang on to the little electric city car, with its limited range? Mirai image ; Credit: © Toyota Will such as thing as a car exist next century? The debate about transp...

    1. Audi takes on Tesla 23 Nov '14, 12am

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