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The Society for Conservation Biology is global community of conservation professionals dedicated to advancing the science and practice of conserving Earth's ...


  • Reminder! @SCBFWWG PreCongress Workshop Scholarship applications due in 3 days! 25 April!

    FFWG PreCongress Short Course Scholarship 22 Apr '17, 7am

    Kis Balaton, Hungary. SCB's Freshwater Work Group promotes freshwater conservation. FFWG Pre-Congress Scholarship SCB's Freshwater Working Group (FWWG ) is offering assistance to five students (of any education level) to attend a one-day or half-day pre-congress workshop at Internatio...

  • CREA Contest 18 Apr '17, 2pm

    Create new forms to communicate and spread your research to wider audiences. In a more connected world we need to explore and expand the ways we tell our story. Go beyond your comfort zone, think outside the box and participate in the CREA contest at the 28th International Congress fo...

  • IMCC5 16 Apr '17, 1pm

    Sunset on the Kuching waterfront. Lights in the evening in downtown Kuching from across the waterfront. The 5th International Marine Conservation Congress in Kuching, Sarawak June 24-29, 2018 Mark your calendars for the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC5) which will...

  • Short Courses 16 Apr '17, 12pm

    Disentangling cause-effect relationships is a primary, understated, goal in ecology and conservation biology. Controlled and randomised experiments can be used to study ecological processes in the lab but are rarely applicable in studies on wild populations of conservation interest. W...

  • Announcing #ICCB2017 Plenary Talks! @Brigittelgb, Robin Chazdon, E.J. Milner-Gulland & Arun Agrawal!

    Plenary Talks 19 Apr '17, 6pm

    is professor emerita in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut, USA. Her long-term collaborative research focuses on successional pathways, biodiversity in human-managed landscapes, and tropical forest restoration. She currently serves as the...

  • Early Bird Registration will open soon! REMINDER: SCB members receive registration discounts! Join:

    Society for Conservation Biology | Become a Member 05 Apr '17, 3pm

    SCB was founded to provide a strong collective voice for the science and practice of conservation, and to inform policy- and decision-makers. We support you in your conservation efforts by providing resources, events, and invaluable opportunities at the local, national, and global lev...

  • Society for Conservation Biology | Graduate Student Research Fellowship Awards 26 Mar '17, 1pm

    SCB Graduate Student Research Fellowship Awards A new initiative from SCB will allocate $10,000 of awards funding to support ten Graduate Student Research Fellowships for student members of SCB. The SCB Global Awards Committee will allocate 10 x $1,000 fellowships annually. The Commit...

  • Society for Conservation Biology | Home 19 Mar '17, 3pm

    SCB is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of conserving Earth’s biological diversity Regional Sections Sections represent regional interests or the discipline of marine conservation biology. More about Sections Local Chapters SCB Chapters engage in on-the-ground conservat...

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