• Bitcoin just exploded and is surging back towards $US3,000

    Bitcoin just exploded

    businessinsider.de 21 Jul '17, 12am

    It’s been a big night for Bitcoin and the price is still rocketing higher in morning trade. After dipping below $US2,000 just 3 days ago, the cryptocurrency has surged by around 25% overnight and a short time ago was trading above $US2,800. Investing.com via Business Insider Australia...

  • An investing legend is making a killing after putting 1% of his net worth in bitcoin

    Bill Miller making a killing after putting 1% of net worth in bitcoin

    businessinsider.de 20 Jul '17, 11am

    Founder, Chairman, and Chief Investment Officer of Miller Value Partners, Bill Miller. REUTERS/Rick Wilking Legendary investor Bill Miller is apparently bullish when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Miller revealed to Forbes that he invested 1% of his net worth into bitcoin in 2014, dete...

  • GOLDMAN SACHS: Bitcoin is going to test $3,000 and could get as high as $3,700

    GOLDMAN SACHS: Bitcoin to test $3,000 and could get as high as $3,700

    businessinsider.de 19 Jul '17, 7pm

    Attendants pose with a bitcoin sign during the opening of Hong Kong's first bitcoin retail store. Reuters/Bobby Yip Bitcoin has held strong support and has its sights set on a test of the $3,000 level, according to Goldman Sachs. In a note sent out to clients on Monday, Sheba Jafari, ...

  • Bitcoin explodes above $2,500

    Bitcoin explodes above $2,500

    businessinsider.de 20 Jul '17, 2pm

    Bitcoin is soaring on Thursday, trading up 13.01% at $2,576 a coin. The cryuptocurrency continues to rally as traders look ahead to the August 1 ruling on whether or not bitcoin will be split in two. Thursday's gain has the cryptocurrency up 40% from its July 17 low of $1,852. That's ...

  • Bitcoin plunges below Goldman Sachs' target before rebounding sharply

    Bitcoin plunges below Goldman Sachs' target before rebounding sharply

    businessinsider.de 17 Jul '17, 11am

    A Bitcoin sign is seen in a window in Toronto. Reuters/Mark Blinch Bitcoin 's bubble has officially burst. The cryptocurrency plunged nearly 20% over the weekend, putting in a low of $1,758 a coin before recouping some of those losses. It's currently trading at $2,048. At that point, ...

  • Bitcoin is on a tear amid signs that its civil war is coming to an end

    Bitcoin price rises amid agreement over new software

    businessinsider.de 18 Jul '17, 2pm

    Bitcoin has recouped most of its loses from over the weekend. MI Bitcoin is on track to recoup losses from its weekend crash thanks to signs that the civil war tearing the cryptocurrency community apart may soon reach resolution. Bitcoin tanked 20% , below $1,800 per coin over the wee...

  • Chinese fintech giant Lufax chooses Singapore for new platform

    Chinese fintech giant Lufax chooses Singapore for new platform

    businessinsider.de 19 Jul '17, 2pm

    It's as yet unclear whether this development will boost or harm Singapore's push to become a global fintech hub. The conditions of the offshore license will prevent Lufax from bringing new services to Singaporean consumers, which could go against the MAS' concerted efforts to nurture ...

  • 8 applications of blockchain

    businessinsider.de 16 Jul '17, 3pm

    Reuters/Bobby Yip In part one we discussed the basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Now we will look at some interesting places Blockchain may revolutionize the future and a couple of places it is making a difference today. Digital currencies, like Bitcoin, are interesting for the future...