27 Dec '12, 2pm

Planners Watch Out: Tea Party To Focus on Agenda 21: If you thought these guys were going away, they're not.

The Tea Party took a bashing in the election, losing a few members and ending up with that unmentionable President again. But they did elect Ted Cruz, a noted Agender who blames the Agenda 21 conspiracy on George Soros and calls the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) a socialist plot. Members of the Tea Party plan to focus on issues; according to the New York Times , Mr. Cummings, who is the Midwest coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, a national group, said a major issue he would be focusing on now was Agenda 21, a United Nations resolution that encourages sustainable development. It has no force of law in the United States, but a passionate element of the Tea Party sees it as a plot against American property rights. Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, a State Senator is introducing a bill to ban state support for groups "pushing limits on property owner ...

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party time!:

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