27 Jun '11, 4pm

Replace your lawnmower with goats!

Anyone still caring for a clipped green lawn can lessen their enviro guilt by trading in weed-killing chemicals for a herd of goats. If you’ve got invasive plants, never fear: Your milkweed brings all the goats to the yard. They could eat it, but they have to charge ($725/day plus tax for a 60-goat herd at Rent-a-Ruminant ). Increasing numbers of companies offer goat-driven brush and weed control. Unlike cows, which eat grass, goats like to eat weeds and shrubs -- even poisonous ones. (I mean, they are GOATS. They eat whatever. It’s the beauty of goats.) Large lawn owners from golf courses to governments have taken advantages of the goats' services, which include spreading free, all-natural fertilizer on the lawn while they work. Bonus: SO MUCH CUTER than a lawnmower! And we like this California company's motto

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I'd disagree that you actually pursue the lifestyle you describe, David - you just bust your ass to aspire to a different ...