24 Jun '11, 7pm

Vegan condoms keep your junk cruelty-free

If you won't put animal products in your mouth, shouldn't it stand to reason you wouldn't put them on your wang? Or maybe you're courting a vegan, and you want to seal the deal. Lucky for you there are vegan lubes and condoms available, to replace the raw-meat-and-gelatin lube and condoms you were using before. I had figured that "vegan condom" was sort of a technicality -- you can get your facility certified as vegan, maybe, and thus gain the right to put a "vegan" label on your contraceptives. Sort of like getting declared kosher, but instead of a rabbi there's a hipster with dreads. But in fact, a lot of latex condoms contain the milk protein casein, and lubes can have dairy enzymes or honey as ingredients. Okay, maybe it's a little ... committed (in the straitjacket sense of the word) to avoid putting a product on the outside of your body because it has a few molecules...

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