19 Jun '11, 3am

@manalfahmi very true

@manalfahmi very true

Editor's note: Chris Clugston wrote near the beginning of his piece that we are "beneficiaries" of this system of excessive consumption. This is true, in some ways, but in key ways this is entirely false. Beneficiaries are not supposed to get the now extremely common cancer, heart attacks and other modern ailments. Nor are rampant materialism or loss of community, in a world of nuclear terror, befitting real beneficiaries. This is why we will have to create a better world out of collapse that lies ahead. Culture Change also believes that it is not necessarily "unfortunate" that U.S. consumption and way of life are unsustatinable.

Full article: http://www.culturechange.org/cms/content/view/128/1/


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treehugger.com 16 Jun '11, 6pm

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