13 Jun '11, 6am

Diverting the Mississippi to Revive Wetlands

Because of all the canals, levees and dams built along the Mississippi River to control flooding, as well as to make waters easier for ships to navigate – purely human concerns – the flow of the Mississippi River sediment has suffered dramatically, and this is a real concern for those marshlands which are fed by the river. The lack of nutrient-rich sediment being brought down the river to the marshlands is accelerating the loss of the wetlands along the Delta, Morris says, and without the wetlands acting as a coastal buffer against floods and soil erosion, not to mention the habitats they provide for fish and wildlife, there are going to be long-term impacts.

Full article: http://planetsave.com/2011/06/13/diverting-the-mississipp...


Sediment from the Mississippi Floods [image] #NASA

Sediment from the Mississippi Floods [image] #NASA

earthobservatory.nasa.gov 23 Jun '11, 8pm

The floods that surged through the Mississippi River basin are subsiding, but their impact is far from over. As the floodw...