11 Jun '11, 1pm


The Care2 community responded quickly to the crisis in Haiti. We have met our goal of raising $5,000 to support Oxfam America's relief efforts through Care2's Click to Donate for Haiti and Butterfly Rewards. The Click to Donate for Haiti is now closed. Free clicks can make a real difference to the lives of those in need. Thank you to everybody who participated to meet this donation goal.

Full article: http://www.care2.com/click-to-donate/


Just a click of your mouse can help save the wo...

care2.com 09 Jun '11, 2pm

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6 Tips for a Salmonella-Free Summer

6 Tips for a Salmonella-Free Summer

care2.com 11 Jun '11, 12am

Summer is prime Salmonella season. Warmer weather gives that sneaky Salmonella more opportunity to contaminate your food. ...

I clicked to save the rainforest @Care2::

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