11 Jun '11, 12am

Who is Roberto Mielgo Bregazzi?

It seems that Roberto Mielgo Bregazzi has heard of Sea Shepherd, and apparently he does not seem to like us, nothing unusual about that of course. Lots of people don’t like Sea Shepherd and our methods, especially people in the business of exploiting fish and we are quite fine with that. We have never pretended to be in the running for the title of most popular and most polite kiss-ass conservation organization. I think our Jolly Roger logo pretty much sums up our “in their face” attitude. But I’m sure that the 800 or so bluefin tuna we released from a poacher’s net last year were in approval of our methods and that is what counts.

Full article: http://www.seashepherd.org/news-and-media/editorial-11061...


Sea Shepherd Headed into Libya Now

Sea Shepherd Headed into Libya Now

planetsave.com 10 Jun '11, 7pm

Libya No Fly Zone. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will ask for right to fly helicopters in the No Fly Zone. A Sea Sheph...