29 Aug '16, 6pm

Colorado Anti-Fracking Initiatives Fail to Make November Ballot via @EcoWatch

By Yes for Health and Safety Over Fracking Yes for Health and Safety Over Fracking was informed today that not enough signatures were validated by the Colorado Secretary of State's office to place Initiatives 75 & 78 on the November ballot . At this time, Yes for Health and Safety Over Fracking is reviewing the ruling and the disallowed signatures to determine whether to file a challenge. "As we review the ruling, we want to assure our volunteers and supporters that we are as committed as ever to giving the residents of Colorado a say this November on whether their communities can regulate fracking ," said Tricia Olson, executive director of Yes for Health and Safety Over Fracking. "That fracking is dangerous to the health and safety of the state's residents resonated loudly in every corner of the state. Today's announcement is not the final action on this issue as countle...

Full article: http://www.ecowatch.com/colorado-fracking-1991181464.html


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ecowatch.com 30 Aug '16, 2pm

The state of Victoria in Australia has voted to ban fracking on its territory, further cementing the moratorium first put ...