02 Jun '11, 1pm

Morning Critical List: Tornado hits Massachusetts; wild lands policy dies an early death

Regarding the O man's retreat on wild lands policy, we can add that to his retreat from card check with labor elections, with public option on health care, with off shore oil drilling, his embrace of the torture regime, his embrace of the same people who laid the groundwork for the financial meltdown etc, etc, etc. Obama is like a battle tank with no armor, little fire power, and a transmission that has only two gears - Park and Reverse. I think it pisses us all off because we remember our starry eyed worship of the man as our deliverer from the hands of fascistic Republicans. Now we feel like the chumps we are and that is no fun. We need to go to the black board and write one hundred times this message. WE HAVE NO FRIENDS IN WASHINGTON! Let it soak in and then get back to work on the only level that counts - the grass roots.

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