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The Largest Lip Plates on Earth. #culture #fashion #Africa

The Largest Lip Plates on Earth. #culture #fashion #Africa

Several theories as to why lip plates are worn have been passed around. Some suggest that plate size refers to the bride price paid for each woman, while others believe that the practice of body mutilation was performed to deter slave traders. The strongest argument, and that which receives most agreement from the Mursi themselves, is the plates' signification of fertility and womanhood; regardless of dimensions, wearing a lip plate in your teenage years defines a young woman as fertile and ready for marriage. Once the bearer is married, the plates remind her both of her ties to her culture and to her husband; if a husband dies, the plate must be thrown away. It’s also suggested that the Mursi relate the holes in their lips to almost every aspect of their lives: the health of their cattle, the availability of water, the fate of their children, and so on.

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