26 Apr '16, 5pm


PepsiCo…money and greed..The US is driven by the stock market..this really started in the 1980’s under Reagan ..before then there was diversity. The real billionaires of the US are the ones benefitting from the stock market & its corruption. The corruption run by the large corporations. PepsiCo does not give a shit about rainforests, animals, people. It only gives a shit about its stockholders and dividends. GET the billionaires to DIVEST / SELL their shares in companies that use Palm Oil…then you have a chance at stopping PepsiCo and the rest of this scum. If you, your family, your friends have 401K’s, shares…find out what the shares are in..and if it is anything to do with PepsiCo or the others…tell them to sell their stock..follow the lead of Di Caprio…sell any shares in these companies..hit them where it hurts

Full article: http://www.ran.org/solidarity



ran.org 28 Apr '16, 6pm

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