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Two in five jobseekers say lack of affordable transport is a barrier to getting a job #lockedout

For decades transport and planning policy has focused on the needs of motorists, but nearly half of all households in England could already be struggling with the costs of car ownership. The absence of practical alternatives – including inadequate and expensive public transport and hostile walking and cycling environments – is forcing millions of people to choose between debt and social exclusion. The impact Transport poverty is a complex issue but its impact is clear. Our transport planning system penalises people who cannot afford a car, who struggle to cover rising public transport fares and who lack access to public or private transport because of age, disability or where they live. Tackling transport poverty Our report Locked Out shows how transport poverty should be tackled by all levels of government across transport, planning and welfare programmes.

Full article: http://www.sustrans.org.uk/lockedout


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