29 Nov '15, 12pm

New assessment of beautiful B. dahlbomii, thanks to your support of our #bumblebee campaign!

- In the V Region (Valparaiso), although a recent survey of entomological collections (Smith-Ramirez pers. obs.) revealed that the last specimens of this species were collected in 1974, more recently there have been more reports of B. dahlbomii in the V Region (Montalva pers. comm.). However, all of these partial observations coincide in the declining trend experimented by B. dahlbomii in this region. A study of foraging activities of Apoidea in localities of Central-South (V Region) and South Chile (VIII Region), showed that in 2000 B. dahlbomii was the most abundant species recorded (50%, n=812 bees), whereas the invasive B. terrestris accounted for only 10% (n=170 bees) of the apoidea (Ruz and Herrera 2001); this invasive species was present in the V Region, but not in the VIII Region. In agreement with that study, and according to collecting records, in 2002 B. dahlbom...

Full article: http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/21215142/0


Thanks! https://t.co/6byLKQzA4n

Thanks! https://t.co/6byLKQzA4n

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