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Your evening dose of animal awesomeness: Glow-in-the-dark cockroaches that look like Jawas

Your evening dose of animal awesomeness: Glow-in-the-dark cockroaches that look like Jawas

These South American fluorescent cockroaches use their glowing spots — really pits of bioluminescent bacteria — to mimic the markings of a toxic beetle, so predators will pass them by. More importantly, though, they look exactly like Jawas . Look, it’s even wearing a little bandolier! The picture on the right, of the roach under fluorescent light, is possibly EVE from WALL-E. But that’s just camouflage; the Jawa drag is this critter’s real look. Which, if you think about it, explains a lot. A recent study found that luminescent roaches, and other land-dwelling luminous creatures, emerged on the planet surprisingly recently — no more than 65 million years. I think it’s obvious why: They traveled here a long time ago from a galaxy far, far away. And the fact that no specimens have been found in ages — that’s not because the volcano they lived on erupted two years ago. It’s b...

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Here’s what record low sea-ice levels look like:

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I hope Santa has a swimsuit, because this webcam picture from the North Pole shows pools of meltwater opening up as sea ic...

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@liljodibrown its supposed to look like this

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customers traveling with children

Shoelace SWAG!!

Shoelace SWAG!!

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You can easily take note from designers like Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs and jazz up your own pair of sneaks without bre...

Super-freaky train station design looks like a spider laying eggs

Super-freaky train station design looks like a ...

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I went to Vienna earlier this year, and it’s extremely charming and deeply concerned with coffee and cake, both of which I...

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