11 Aug '12, 2pm


John, you quoted part of the article that had a blue link and if you went into that, it stated clearly that the horse may have injured his leg at the bottom of the hill and swimming was something he was very much trained to do and was a very good swimmer. Most horses are..........it's natural for them. Now, as far as Washington State condoning this race, Washington STATE has nothing to do with it in an official basis. The "Jockey Association" referred to is certainly not the same as The Jockey Club. The article also is very clear that this was the first death of a horse in over 10 years. It doesn't lessen the fact that the horse died, but even though I'm not a "fan" of this "race", nor would ever waste a minute of time watching it, there doesn't seem to be a very high incidence here of injury or death. It also was stated that the rider was a tribal member (Colville Tribe).

Full article: http://www.care2.com/causes/23rd-horse-dies-in-suicide-ra...


23rd Horse Dies in ‘Suicide Race’

care2.com 11 Aug '12, 9pm

"Were the four riders with broken bones 'put down' on account of their injuries? Fair's Fair!".......Mark Alan, remember t...

23rd Horse Dies in ‘Suicide Race’

23rd Horse Dies in ‘Suicide Race’

care2.com 11 Aug '12, 6am

Yet another horse has lost its life to the Omak Stampede Suicide Race in Washington, which is taking place this year from ...