09 Aug '12, 12pm

#ArtPlace partner turns parking lot into lively new front porch for Philly

The new 50-foot-wide, block-long plaza replaces an unnecessary outer parking lane and barren sidewalk on one side of the station with seating, tables, shade, plantings and, depending on the week or day, perhaps music, a farmers’ market, a beer garden, or even miniature golf. It is ambitious because, in its statement when The Porch opened , UCD said that it “sees this new space as Philadelphia’s front porch, a welcoming entryway to the city, as well as a place to linger and socialize, and to entertain and be entertained. The Porch serves to balance the indoor grandeur of 30th Street Station with the wonder and expanse of Philadelphia.”

Full article: http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/kbenfield/philadelphias...