08 Aug '12, 1pm

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Being Mugged

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Being Mugged

I recently read this article in Elephant Journal by Sadie Nardini about how she used the skills she learned from her yoga practice to talk her way though a mugging and walk away relatively unscathed. Rather than panic, she pretended to take photos of the two young men who mugged her and text them to the police. The young men ran away without seriously harming her. Only her arm was hurt when one of the men pulled her purse off of her shoulder. This article is an excellent demonstration of the profundity of yoga – and meditation, as well. Learning to be present has innumerable advantages. It allows us to fully experience the joyful moments in life. When our minds are not worrying about the future or regretting or pining for the past, we are liberated and we can show up fully for the events of our lives as they unfold. In addition, as Nardini’s article demonstrates, mindfulne...

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