05 Aug '12, 2pm

Seven of birthday-boy Wendell Berry's Orion essays here

Wendell Berry lives and works with his wife, Tanya Berry, on their farm in Port Royal, Kentucky. An essayist, novelist, and poet, he is the author of more than thirty books. Berry has received numerous awards, including the T. S. Eliot Award, the John Hay Award, the Lyndhurst Prize, and the Aiken-Taylor Award for Poetry from The Sewanee Review . His books include the classic The Unsettling of America , Andy Catlett: Early Travels , and The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry

Full article: http://www.orionmagazine.org/index.php/mag/contributor/54/


Conversation w/ Wendell Berry & Wes Jackson: a couple of great #Agriculture writers/thinkers #agchatoz #sustainability

Conversation w/ Wendell Berry & Wes Jackson: a ...

postcarbon.org 09 Aug '12, 4pm

Why has the term “sustainability” become so popular, and is it useful? Berry: I’ll go out on a limb, and Wes can saw it of...