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7 Basic Recipes to Preserve Edible Flowers

7 Basic Recipes to Preserve Edible Flowers

Edible flowers add delight and distinctly delicious flavors to food and drinks. Fluttered as a garnish or tossed in salads they are fresh and fun, but they can also be incorporated into a number of staples that allow their usage beyond blooming season. Employ spicier petals, like garlic, rosemary, nasturtium or chive flowers (pictured above) for savory dishes; use sweeter blooms, like rose, violet, or lemon verbena petals for cocktails and desserts. Try any of these 42 flowers you can eat (and be sure to follow the tips for eating flowers safely).

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{New Recipe} Durian Butter Cake #recipes #durian #fbz

{New Recipe} Durian Butter Cake #recipes #duria...

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Every year during the period between June and September, this "spiky " green thorns fruit known as "Durian (榴莲)" can be fo...

#Edible #flowers. Its not a #new #thing. Read

#Edible #flowers. Its not a #new #thing. Read

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Text and Images by Sheere Ng @ Makansutra It’s the Singapore Garden Festival this week (7-15 July) at Suntec Singapore and...