15 Jun '12, 6pm

What Bulldozers and Cynical Politics Do, Shovels and Grassroots Resistance Undo #StopBeloMonte #RioPlusSocial #Brazil

Three hundred indigenous people, small farmers, fisherfolk, and local residents occupied the Belo Monte Dam project, removing a strip of earth to restore the Xingu's natural flow and "freeing the river." Participants gathered in formation spelling out the words "Pare Belo Monte" meaning "Stop Belo Monte" to send a powerful message about the devastating impacts of the dam on the eve of the UN Rio+20 Summit. Their message is that projects that destroys livelihoods and the environment and that violate indigenous rights cannot be called "Clean Energy". They are demanding the cancellation of the $18 billion Belo Monte dam project.

Full article: http://amazonwatch.org/news/2012/0615-what-bulldozers-and...