03 May '12, 6pm

30,000 bees found in New Jersey attic: Whoa.

Turns out the honeybee colonies we’ve all been so concerned about didn’t collapse after all — they just moved to New Jersey. Specifically, they went to stay at a former bed and breakfast in Cape May, where 30,000 bees were just taken out of the attic. The bees’ hive, which measured two feet by three feet, was relocated to a honeybee rescue farm, which is a thing that exists apparently. (The guy who moved it only got stung twice, too.) And the home’s owners were rewarded with 25 pounds of totally inedible, dust- and insulation-filled honey. Plus, you know, a home that won’t collapse due to an ever-expanding giant bee farm in its walls. If Grist has helped you learn or laugh, donate some bucks on our behalf . (Why are we rhyming in phrases so terse? Grist’s been cursed by verse! )

Full article: http://grist.org/list/30000-bees-found-in-new-jersey-attic/


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