03 May '12, 12pm

Excellent on urban gardening - visualizing 'the edible city' in 3 minutes: #smartgrowth #urbanplanning #ASLA

, which according to ASLA was created with assistance from landscape architects Mia Lehrer and April Phillips, contains both a decent short introduction to the subject of urban gardening and illustrations of a wide variety of types. Personally, I have come to prefer the word "gardening" over "farming" when it comes to growing food in cities, because I think it is seldom appropriate to place an operation at the scale we usually associate with a "farm" inside cities. I like the idea of keeping cities compact so we can conserve land for real farms outside the urban-suburban footprint, while gardening at a lot or neighborhood scale inside the city boundary.

Full article: http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/kbenfield/visualizing_t...