31 Mar '11, 11pm

Fact o' the Day: If you use one disposable coffee cup per day, it creates 23 pounds of waste per year.

Please do not squabble about how many ounces are in my mug and what to charge me. You are saving the cost of the cup and lid. Many of you keep your coffee inventory by the number of cups, but you can get an accurate count with the number of bags of coffee you go through. This idea offers you many marketing opportunities to bring more people in the door offering small discounts for those using their own cups. which over time will increase your coffee sales and over all sales through the additional traffic in your store. In short time you’ll save many dollars on cups and trash removal as well. Get on board, it’s no additional work for you or your staff and economically and environmentally beneficial.

Full article: http://earth911.com/tips/show-off-that-mug/


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