29 Oct '14, 1pm

Cuba and the Embargo

What are you babblilng about??? I offend this person because unlike you I’m Cuban, with plenty of family in Cuba and it is beyond offensive when people like you and this author act as if the US is the big bad wolf when in fact the only people screwing Cuban for the last 50 years have been the Castro brothers, the only embargo imposed on Cuba is by the Castro’s on the Cuban population. What the hell does you being in Vietnam have to do with anything?? The only tyrants here are the Castro brothers. At least corporations make a product and sell it for a price all the Castro do is live like Kings while the Cuban people have to resort to risking everything on a boat to go look for a better future in the US. I offend because thinking like yours is the reason why Cuba is in the position that it is in today. Let me give you a second so that you can’t comment on the usual “well the...

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What Becomes of Cuba After the Embargo Is Lifted?

What Becomes of Cuba After the Embargo Is Lifted?

ecowatch.com 19 Oct '14, 2pm

The health of Cuba’s environment is partially an accident of history and the unique way Cuba has developed—or not develope...