06 Apr '12, 2pm

Culturally appropriate, affordable housing for native tribal communities in SWern US: #smartgrowth #urbanplanning

Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative , an initiative of Enterprise Community Partners, supports culturally and environmentally sustainable affordable housing appropriate to American Indian communities nationwide. We help to build capacity through building relationships, focusing on core values specific to each place and rooted in the spirit, the community and the land. Through technical assistance and research of best practices, we can help a community to reduce their impact on the natural world, gain self-sufficiency and provide solutions for

Full article: http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/kbenfield/culturally_ap...


#Remediation transforming communities.

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Improving the environment in your home – improving the environment overall with Icynene spray foam insulation. ICYNENE spr...

Amen One Vet on the streets is one too many.

Amen One Vet on the streets is one too many.

va.gov 07 Apr '12, 3pm

On December 20, 2011, Katie, an SSVF Caseworker at the Salvation Army Bismarck Corps, received a call from a Veteran named...

How the evolving housing market will help sustainable communities

How the evolving housing market will help susta...

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The subject of the Great Recession came up, and I volunteered that I thought the persistent economic slump had hurt both g...

Oshare American Tourister!

Oshare American Tourister!

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As a frequent traveler, the most important thing you must invest in is a piece of trusty luggage! But I am often faced wit...