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Students Clean Up Lake, Discover Sunken Treasure

Students Clean Up Lake, Discover Sunken Treasure

Each week, students from St. Paul's Elementary School in Oakland, California, volunteer their time to pick up trash around their community. But on a recent outing to clean a polluted lake downtown, one group sixth-graders found something more than just a sense of civic pride. While scouring the banks and trolling the depths of Oakland's Lake Merritt for plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and assorted garbage last week, the young volunteers stumbled upon no less than a sunken fortune. It was an 11-year-old girl, armed with a pond net, who first spotted two bags in the water; they were so heavy, she imagined they contained some discarded scrap metal. After a grown-up came to help pull the bags ashore, she and her classmates soon found a whole to new meaning to the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure." According to the Oakland Tribune , the bags contained antique...

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Check out the works of students from the School of Design & Environment.

Check out the works of students from the School...

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Students, foreign workers bond through sports

Students, foreign workers bond through sports

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