01 Apr '12, 3am

【再掲記事】ヒツジ減少で温暖化、エイプリルフール(2011年4月4日配信) - 2007年、気候科学Webサイト「http://t.co/DYG2zSGG」が、地球温暖化の原因は、温室効果ガス蓄積ではなく、ヒツジの生息数減少と報告。

The latest incarnation of the CRUTEM land surface temperatures and the HadCRUT global temperatures are out this week. This is the 4th version of these products, which have undergone a number of significant changes over that time and so this is a good opportunity to discuss how and why data products evolve and what that means in the bigger scheme of things.

Full article: http://RealClimate.org/