24 Feb '12, 11am

With the rise of #CSR, what happens to NGOs? #susty

I have thought about this a lot. And I don’t really see NGOs going anywhere. I think how NGOs get funding will probably shift. But I don’t think their existence or the need for them will change. CSR is on the rise – but partnerships make up their international development initiatives. Most CSR departments have 2-3 people. I’m fairly certain – given that they are most often hired from within – an extremely small percentage of those people have international development experience. So, there is no way that they could create a meaningful program on their own. And I don’t see that changing drastically anytime soon. Same goes for social enterprise. It’s a lot easier – and from an impact standpoint it’s usually better – to partner with an already well-established NGO with a proven track record. TOMS has giving partners that it donates their shoes through. They don’t go out and g...

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