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5 Most Mysterious Places on Earth

5 Most Mysterious Places on Earth

Off the coast of Chile, Easter Island doesn't boast any stories of people disappearing or black magic. It is, however, the home of these wicked warrior statues, some up to 50 feet high. The real question about this island is who carved them and how they got there. What mysterious force do you think made them appear? I guess the only thing to do is to go ask one of the 200 native people living on the island. My bet, though, is that communicating with them might prove fruitless considering there is virtually no knowledge of who they are originally.

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environmentalgraffiti.com 26 Feb '12, 7am

These weren't just places that incarcerated people, either; men were killed there as well, whether by hanging or the elect...

Earth Hour HQ to relocate to S'pore

Earth Hour HQ to relocate to S'pore

channelnewsasia.com 20 Feb '12, 4am

SINGAPORE: Climate change movement Earth Hour is moving its global headquarters from Sydney, Australia to Singapore. It is...

The resting places of presidents

yesterday.sg 02 Mar '12, 12am

The answer: At the Kranji War Memorial – or more accurately, the state cemetery grounds near the Singapore War Memorial at...

Breaking News…The Earth Is Warming…Still!

Breaking News…The Earth Is Warming…Still!

skepticalscience.com 16 Feb '12, 9pm

Glenn Tamblyn at 15:37 PM on 17 February, 2012 tonydunc "couldn't it be argued that the huge time lag in deep ocean cyclin...