21 Feb '12, 8pm

The land that inspired Watership Down is going to be cleared for a housing development

British government throws out plan to sell forests, apologizes (02/17/2011) The British government, headed by Tory Prime Minister David Cameron, has tossed out a controversial proposal to sell off significant sections of its forest to the private sector. The plan came under relentless criticism, including 500,000 people who signed a petition against the proposal, and brought together a wide variety of British notables such as actress Dame Judi Dench, poet Carol Anne Duffy, and the Archbishop of Canterbury to oppose the government's plan. Selling the Forests that Saved Britain (02/15/2011) I confess that British Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposal to auction off all 650,000 acres of England’s national forests to the highest bidder came as a bit of a shock to me – especially as the contained such world-famous national treasures as Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest, the Forest...

Full article: http://news.mongabay.com/2012/0221-hance_watershipdown.html


Coal Powered Electric Cars – Fact and Fiction

Coal Powered Electric Cars – Fact and Fiction

cleantechblog.com 21 Feb '12, 5pm

There are valid concerns about coal powered electric cars. Coal is used for about 45 percent of U.S. electricity generatio...

Is There a Leaner Way to Footprint?

Is There a Leaner Way to Footprint?

greenbiz.com 21 Feb '12, 1pm

When Tesco recently announced its decision to drop carbon footprint labels from its products , it wasn't so much a Shakesp...

Danish Designer Builds a Chair the Way Others Make Brooms

Danish Designer Builds a Chair the Way Others M...

treehugger.com 20 Feb '12, 5pm

I smiled when I saw the tip submission from Christian Andersen, a Danish designer. It reminded me of one of my early posts...

Golf fiction: “I want to be there best there is”

golfwrx.com 20 Feb '12, 2am

“I want to be the best there is.” It was a simple statement, not boasting, softly yet firmly spoken. The kid leaned comfor...