17 Feb '12, 6pm

Boards and their Stakeholders “@LeonardoPeklar: Do You Understand Your Stakeholder Matrix? #corpgov #stakeholders”

Very large customers and suppliers that cannot easily be substituted for, like the state, or those that determine the operating environment, like the regulators of public utilities, are value-critical stakeholders. In the fast-growth emerging markets, with authoritarian or fragmented political systems, national and local regulators are especially value-critical. Since the growth of public support and passing of legislation to protect the environment, some environmental NGOs have become value-critical stakeholders in mining, forestry, agricultural, and other industries with large environmental impacts. The same is true of influential organizations active in consumer protection, which can affect the reputation of consumer product companies.

Full article: http://business-ethics.com/2012/02/17/1314-in-touch-board...