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OMG tiny chameleon

OMG tiny chameleon

I’m not usually a sucker for reptiles and amphibians the way I am for, say, sloths — but when they’re the world’s tiniest, who can resist? First we had this ickle mini frogling , and now there’s a wee precious chameleonette . Actually, there were four distinct species of ittle-bitty chameleons discovered in Madagascar, all members of the generally miniature genus Brookesia, and all less than two inches long. Members of the smallest species, Brookesia micra , reach a maximum adult length of about an inch (the weeniest specimens were less than 2/3 of an inch, and that’s probably one of them up there, unless that dude’s fingers are huge). These aren’t exactly going to knock the tiniest frog off its miniature throne as smallest vertebrate in the world — they may not even be the smallest reptiles. But they’re pretty tiny, and their habitat is tiny too; B. micra is found only on...

Full article: http://grist.org/list/omg-tiny-chameleon/


Photos: four new species of world's tiniest chameleons discovered in Madagascar

Photos: four new species of world's tiniest cha...

news.mongabay.com 15 Feb '12, 4pm

Photos: 40% of Madagascar's reptiles at risk of extinction (11/10/2011) 40 percent of Madagascar's terrestrial reptiles ar...

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The big boys for the tiny boy….. via @redmummydotcom

The big boys for the tiny boy….. via @redmummyd...

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the boys buat semua kerja kat lam nursery room. the boys for the boy too. the girls apa bikin, aku dok mengekor si kakak y...

Germany welcomed the world's smallest chameleon this week!

Germany welcomed the world's smallest chameleon...

cntraveller.com 18 Feb '12, 8pm

13 February 2012 | A tiny chameleon called a Brookesia micra, looks into the camera in Munich, Germany. The animal is abou...

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Excludes: Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Guadeloupe, Marshall Islands, Wallis and Futuna, Gambia, Malaysia, Mayotte, Taiwan, Suri...

Design News - Apple Blasted for Tiny Torx Screws

Design News - Apple Blasted for Tiny Torx Screws

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Jeff: If the noise is being generated inside the circuit, it could well be a lifted or intermmitent ground, or a broken ci...

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Dexter promises that his love for Shermane is undying and unconditional. Although some define love as a feeling that fades...

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