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On Home Runs and Steroids, Heat and CO2: It was that work that caught the attention of Bob Henson and others in

There is a preliminary concept meeting at the start. Many times people will give me the ideas they want to convey and then I will write a script. In this case, the concept was so clear that [the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, which runs the National Center for Atmospheric Research] had a foundation for a script that they wrote. The interludes with my sped up voice were added later to help the story along. Once a script is agreed on, I make a rough video storyboard with any of the imagery requested, while I try to add my own twist to it. For example, UCAR knew they wanted to show a baseball player on steroids. I made an old timey baseball player for fun and to not draw any comparisons with Major League Baseball’s recent history or specific players. I also try to add different elements of humor that I can. From that point, I receive notes on changes to be m...

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