04 Feb '12, 3pm

Last June @stephwear went to Palau and shared this amazing pic of a "Giant Technicolor Clam"

Hi Ashley! This photo was taken by my husband (who was also working in Palau) while he was snorkeling in a shallow area off a tiny island in Palau. These giant clams are everywhere in Palau – in fact, while there my project assistant shared with me a photo of an almost identical clam that she had taken while snorkeling – it wasn’t the same clam (we had to confirm to be sure!) …but it just goes to show you how common they are. Even doing the work I do…I still marvel at things like this and think that it is amazing that they ever existed at all. There was a little patch of really big ones off the dock at the institute I was working at and I would bring people over there every day who hadn’t yet seen them. So glad they are around to share with others!

Full article: http://blog.nature.org/2011/06/giant-technicolor-clam/



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