24 Jan '12, 3pm

When Agricultural Landscapes Become Patchwork Quilts

When Agricultural Landscapes Become Patchwork Quilts

Running carefree through a summery field… It’s the kind of image commonly associated with pleasant childhood memories. However, as we will soon see, fields can look idyllic from all angles – not least from above. Such pastures come in all colors, shapes and sizes; and when seen next to one another, with the benefit of an aerial view, they often seem to make up patchwork quilts. Mother Nature becomes something of a darner – helped, of course, by more than a stitch or two from the hand of human cultivation. Join us as we let our imaginations run wild (as our legs did when we were children!) and take in a bird’s eye view of 15 of the most stunning patchwork quilt landscapes the world has to offer.

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It's one like this

It's one like this

nomadsclothing.com 04 Feb '12, 6pm

Patch work bag made from exquisite Indian embroidery. This shoulder bag has a tie-up closure and inside pocket. Each one i...