23 Jan '12, 3pm

On Our Radar: Freshwater Bulge in the Arctic

On Our Radar: Freshwater Bulge in the Arctic By THE NEW YORK TIMES Scientists suggest that a dome of freshwater in the western Arctic Ocean might eventually disturb the warm currents that assure relatively mild weather in Northern Europe. [BBC] The Tokyo Electric Power Company will in effect be nationalized for at least 10 years under a government body’s plan for financing disaster compensation, the Kyodo news agency reports. [Reuters] Wildlife experts report a surge in southward migration by snowy owls in North America. [The New York Times] Scientists call for a British think tank aligned with skeptics on global warming to disclose the sources of its financing. [The Guardian]

Full article: http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/23/on-our-radar-fr...


China in the Arctic?

loe.org 21 Jan '12, 9pm

And, of course, countries like China and India that have a huge interest energy questions, and countries like South Korea ...